10 Signs That Say It’s Time To Break Up

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All relationships have their good, bad and ugly days, which is a part and parcel of the relationship itself. Over time, differences could accumulate and might start interfering with your everyday life. There are certain signs of imminent trouble which you’d do best to not ignore. If you find one or more of the following happening a little too frequently in your relationship, it’s time to stop and re-think.

Giving up on fighting

The most definite sign that it’s time to break up is when you start feeling too tired to even fight or argue with your partner. When people still fight, it is because they care enough to. Once the urge to fight goes away, warning bells start ringing. 

Not being able to see a future together

An important part of a relationship is planning for the future, , deciding on the wedding location, honeymoon destination etc. Once you find it hard to see a future with your partner, it’s most likely time to split.

Insecurity and suspicion  

If you find yourself worrying too much about where your partner is and with whom they are, and you spend your time together going through their phone records and messages, it’s a sign of deep insecurity. If there is a solid reason for this insecurity like your partner giving you enough reason to be mistrustful, it’s time for an honest conversation. 

You find yourself flirting with others 

While it is natural to admire the opposite sex, constantly flirting or having your partner flirt is a sign that either of you is not satisfied in the relationship.

You avoid confrontation 

If you find yourself lying to your partner or hiding the truth too often in order to avoid confrontation, it’s time to check where your relationship is going. The more you lie and avoid talking to your partner, the worse it gets for the two of you.

Strained communication

If you struggle to have an honest, heartfelt conversation with your partner because of which your relationship is suffering, you need to pause and reflect.

You don’t feel attracted anymore 

If you can’t remember the last time you shared a kiss with your partner or got intimate, your relationship might be doomed. 

Your partner controls you 

If your partner is trying too hard to control your behavior, your attire, where you go, how you spend your time etc. it’s time for you to call it off. 

Keeping secrets 

The day you find yourself keeping things from your partner for fear of confrontation is the day you need to re-consider being in a relationship. A relationship needs to be built on trust and honesty and secrets have no place here.

Lack of contact 

Remember how the two of you couldn’t stop texting each other in the initial phases of the relationship? If the need to talk to your partner and stay in touch has completely disappeared or worse still, if you’ve started ignoring their texts and calls, the relationship is in danger.