20 Signs She Doesn’t Like You

Sometimes, It's Really Hard To Tell!

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Love’s a tricky emotion, especially when most of it is just happening in your head. We’ve all gone through that phase where we over-analyze every little comment or remark made by our crush and somehow, they always seem like little hints about their true feelings. So, in order to save you the pain of rejection and to make the entire ordeal easier on you, here are 20 fail proof signs that can tell you that she’s really, really not into you. The count starts with - 

You're The Last Person She Ever Wants To Talk To 

Ever notice her turn around and start talking to JUST ABOUT ANYONE the minute you enter the room?

If She Compliments You, It’s Usually Pretty Bizarre

“You have interesting knees"

She’ll Hang Out But Leave Within The Hour

There’s always the inexplicable emergency phone call from her BFF

Somehow, She Always Forgets To Invite You

And you can never properly access the events she creates on Facebook

She’s Always Talking About Some Other Guy

You’re used to long monologues about her new crush with all the gross details.

She Wrinkles Her Nose When She Talks To You

Maybe it’s a sign you need a deodorant?

She Looks At Her Watch Mid-Conversation

Because she thinks she has better places to be

She’d Rather Drink Her Coffee Alone

And has actually ordered her coffee to go when you’re in the same coffee house

You’ve Asked Her Out For Movies

And she usually asks you to tell her how it was

She’s definitely rolled her eyes at you

And didn’t bother pretending there was something caught in her lashes

She usually has plans every time you call

Mostly because Saturday nights are the best time to wash her hair

She never likes anything you post on social media

Even though you’re very generous with your ‘likes’ and ‘comments’

She probably hasn’t got your number in her phone

Or it’s saved under something like “Do Not Answer!!”

She doesn’t remember your birthday

Or any other important events in your life

She doesn’t get jealous or bat an eye when you talk to other girls

And is probably pushing you to talk to other girls!

She never responds to your facebook IMs

And that little ‘seen’ notification is always like a stab in your heart

When you call her, she never answers

You’re very acquainted with her voice mail

You’re not sure she knows you exist

Let’s be honest, do you usually just stare at her as she walks past without her knowing your name?

She doesn’t remember what you gave her for her birthday

Because she doesn’t remember whether or not you even came for her birthday

She’s tried to set you up with one of her friends

But not a very close friend