Different Ways of Using Fashion Accessories

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How many times have you wanted to replace that one person or a situation with the other? We will need magical powers to pull off something like that, but some of our fashion accessories can any day be swapped for some other use. Let go through a list of accessories that can be used in more ways than one:
1.Elastic hair bands can be used as scrunchies:
Have you ever thought that the old elastic hair band that you have used since ages can be used as something else too? It is time for you to do something creative. Dye your old hair bands with some bright colours, stitch them short and use them as scrunchies.

2. A dupatta can replace a scarf:
Do you notice that unused boring dupatta lying somewhere deep down inside your wardrobe? Why not take that out and used it as a scarf. Match the colours of the dupatta with your attire or go contrast. Innovate and try a new look.

3.Long beaded necklace can turn into a bracelet:
Necklaces can any day be used as a bracelet or an anklet. This goes out to show that how simple things can be bring out the best in your look. Little bit of detailing can flood you with compliments.

4.Finger rings can become pendants:
Rings can turn into beautiful pendants any day. Why not use a long chain and a simple pendant to bring out that cool yet classy look.

5.Nail polishes can act as glue:
Has the button of your shirt come off or are you looking for sticking some sparkling glitters to that dull t-shirt of yours? But wait, are you out of glue? Why not innovate with this one? Use some transparent nail polishes in place of glue.

6.Lipsticks can be applied as blush-ons and eye shadows:
A last minute invitation for a big party can make you go nuts because all you need to do is look damn good for this one. But you are only left with some lipsticks inside your office bag. So go creative and use them as blush-ons and eye-shadows.

7.Small earrings can become nose rings:
Hoop nose rings are a style statement this season. Why not use that small earring lying in your dressing table as a nose ring. Good things should be put to some better use.