Jewellery for the ‘D Day’

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How many times have you thought about or planned your wedding day look? Many girls like Monica from ‘FRIENDS’ have plans and notes prepared about their wedding day because they want to look perfect on ‘The D Day’. And what better way to enhance your look than grand jewellery to go with your wedding gown, saree or lehenga. Let us go through some of the best jewellery types which can bring out the glow on your special day:
Gold has been a part of wedding rituals from time immemorial. It is also considered auspicious and pure. Gold jewellery makes a bride look splendid and also reflects magnificence and grandeur.

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Lac jewellery is mostly made of bright colours and glass work done on them makes them even more attractive. This form of jewellery is light weight and can bring some comfort to a bride who is already burdened by a heavy wedding trousseau. Lac jewellery is comparatively cheap yet can dazzle up the wedding look effortlessly.

Another form of traditional Indian jewellery is the Meenakari work which involves enameling to define the design details. A lot of hard work goes into creating these pieces which makes them a little expensive. The complex work that goes into making the jewellery, surely makes the bride feel like a queen.

A major example of craftsmanship and hard work can be seen in this form of jewellery. Jadau sets mostly involve the use of pearls which gives a very elegant look to the bride. Pearl sets which can be worn between an age group ranging from 20-80 are always a big hit during the wedding season.

Kundan is another form of traditional Indian jewellery involving gemstones setin gold. The intricate work with stones and gold used in kundan sets make a bride look royal. Originated during the Mughal and Rajput period, Kundan Jewellery though expensive, can anyday make a bride feel like royalty.

Diamond jewellery is the most subtle yetpopular choice. If simplicity is your forte then you can go for diamond jewellery for your wedding look. A little expensive though, but diamonds can ensure that you dazzle on your special day.

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Pachchikam work is a prime example of the Indian craft heritage which has been revived in the recent times. It is an old form of jewellery making primarily originating from Gujarat and Kutch. If you want to go for something unusual, Pachchikam can be your pick.

So what are you planning to opt as your wedding look?