Try Gemstone Jewellery for That Royal, Graceful and Colourful Look

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Precious and royal looking gemstones not just enhance the look of jewellery, but also the look of the one wearing them. Gemstones bring a certain grace to any piece of jewellery by making it look dazzling and eye-catchy. Below is a list of gemstones which can brighten up your look and your attire for special occasions.

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Ruby, most commonly known as the king of gems, is a blood-red coloured gemstone. It can bring out the beauty of any piece of jewellery. It is believed that this particular gemstone is excellent for recharging our energy levels and is said to bring in more positive energy. This dazzling looking stone is mostly used in jewellery pieces to make them look stunning.


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Sapphire gemstones are mostly bright blue coloured stones. This particular gemstone is found in various shades of blue and is placed to glorify simple looking jewellery. Sapphire sets look very royal if worn with a classy formal dress.

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Emerald stones are the most fascinating gemstone which bring in a very intense, radiant and beautiful look to a piece of jewellery. This green coloured stone is delicate which increases its chances of breakage. So it is advised to be a little careful while using this piece of gemstone.  

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This gemstone is often used in jewellery to make it look regal and ravishing.  Amethyst stones are found in different colours such as red, blue or yellow. This precious and valuable piece of stone can be teamed up with any type of jewellery be it an earring or a neckpiece and can be worn with special outfits such as wedding dresses or dinner gowns.


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Chalcedony is a gemstone which belongs to the quartz group. There is no specific colour or form for this one. It occurs in many different varieties and has an affluent elegance about it. Chalcedony gemstones though not very expensive, but if used in a jewellery can make it look very exquisite and splendid.

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Pearls are the most commonly used gemstones, favoured by everyone in the age group of 17-70. It is a common belief that wearing pearls usually ensures a happy conjugal life. Anybody wearing a pearl set gets an instant glow on their face because of the glow that this gemstone has within itself. Pearl stones can be paired up with modern as well as traditional dresses.
Try them all to enhance your as well your attire’s grace.