Zodiac Guide To Heal Your Broken Heart

When Nothing Else Helps- Seek The Help Of Stars

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We’ve all had our hearts broken before, some of us more than once. We cry, rant, stomp and basically do whatever we can to try move on. Every star sign has a unique pattern of dealing with this but the mark of a strong personality is not how hard you fall or even how long you stay there… it’s the poise with which you dust yourself off and get back on track. Foreseen ahead are the ways in which you handle break ups and how to move on according to your zodiac.

Adventurous and impulsive Aries women tend to fall in love quickly. But when the relationship diminishes, she may cry and whine but that’ll swiftly be overshadowed by anger and resentment. It’s fair to hold on to that hatred for a little while if it makes you feel better, but it won’t last. Just keep reminding yourself to be positive and that everything will work out in the end.


When dealing with a gut-wrenching break up, Taurus women suffer in silence. Being problem-solvers, you may analyze your relationship over and over again to find logic in what happened. Don’t hold back in this time, indulge yourself in things (shopping, eating, etc.) that make you happy. The good news is, you’ll eventually tire of over thinking, accept what happened and some back even stronger. 

Gemini ladies are inquisitive and risqué but this can work completely against them in a break up. Gemini’s suffer very deeply and get consumed. But your intense emotions have an advantage. Allow yourself you feel them fully and you will recover quickly. Then you can get a jump start looking for the next guy to make up for the lost time. 


Cancer women take the hardest hit when a relationship fails. Because of their sensitivity and intuition, a Cancer lady may suffer for a long time before even thinking about recovering. The key is to surround yourself with trustworthy, supportive people. You may fall the hardest, but your emotional strength doubles every time you pick yourself up. 


The Leo woman isn’t built to forgive or forget easily. Once her heart is broken, her dignity and pride are severely affected and her grieving, overwhelmingly deep. But don’t expect a lion to show weakness. A Leo will never admit that she is suffering (especially to her Ex). In fact it’s better to take your time, deal with it on your own terms while searching for the next, hopefully better partner. 


Virgo’s at large, are logical about their relationship failures. Of course this is only after an extensive analysis to see who did what and what went wrong. After grieving, you may decide to maintain an amicable friendship with your ex or cut him off completely, either way you won’t be hasty so just trust your meticulous decision-making abilities. 



A Libran doesn’t throw in the towel easily. It is in her nature to try work things out until there’s absolutely nothing more she can do. But once she hits this limit, there is no turning back. Since it’s not like you to complain, keep that brave smile on and devote yourself to your hobbies, career or travelling. Your personal life will surely thrive again soon.  


As super intense beings, most Scorpios feel they never fully recover from any break up. Somehow a small part of their previous relationship will always stay with them and either that’ll cause them to revisit their past fondly or always resent it. The key for you is to accept that your experiences make you who are. So bad or good, going through it with passion is what makes you truly powerful.  



The Sagittarius woman manages a heart break most efficiently. Being honest and straightforward, she assesses her relationship failures realistically and believes that you can always learn from your mistakes. With an open mind and adventurous spirit, allow yourself to feel the pain then reconstruct your expectations from life and start living them!  


Capricorns are ambitious, grounded characters until it comes to a break up. Often a broken heart can force a Capricorn in to denial, believing that the relationship wasn’t all that she had imagined. Therefore she even finds it hard to speak about it to loved ones. So the ultimate cure is to bury yourself, as deep as possible, in work! And just remember that your heart will eventually catch up with your head. 



Being modern and methodical, an Aquarius will rarely cry over a break up. Instead she will immediately analyze the relationship and inspect every single detail of its existence. So much so that outsiders may not even think she is sad. The good thing is that the minute you find a justified cause for failure, you will begin to feel at peace and be ready to move forward.  


The compassionate nature of the Pisces pays a high price for a broken heart. She is more than capable of wallowing in misery for a while and then contacting her ex-partner to declare love all over again. While this can be unnecessarily destructive, the cure does lie in your suffering; be dazed, detached, cry, have a couple of drinks or even find a rebound. Let your misery out in a healthy way and you’ll be back in shape in no time.